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Now this is a porn genre that every woman would love to see—either be it straight or a gay lady, this is the epicentre of the female pleasure. The eye of the storm. The Achille’s heel. This is the point of their weakness, that is if you hit the right spot. Clit porn mainly focuses on the female genetalia, in other words, this is the face of their womanhood. If you have ever pleasured a woman before, then you definitely know how out of control they get the moment you get to touch this part. Continuous stimulation of the clit is like stroking the dick for men, you can expect precum dripping out of their wet pussies. Clit porn zooms in to the woman’s private part like a scientist observing a particle under their microscope—yes it is definitely graphic! Most of the porn clips involving clit are about pleasuring the woman—yes there exists a porn where it is not about male attention! You will be surprised at the number of men actually getting hard at the thought of being able to pleasure their woman. It will give a sense of power and dominance over them! This is the reason why clit porn is a genre everyone enjoys—both men and women, it serves unimaginable arousal!

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In several sex videos, you will see a lot of stuff that can be done with clit. It is a kind of a versatile body part. If you like watching a man eating out a female porn star, you can have one that focuses on the actual act of eating her out! Tongue action working on the clit will surely get any man and woman hot in their groin area. Clits are simple: it is just like eating ice cream, unlike dicks that can actually seriously choke someone—clits are friendly and low maintenance to pleasure. Licking the surrounding area can get it going, using finger to rub on it can cause stimulation and reaction, and you can even use different tools to rub it on! Just like a vibrator, or an eggplant, or your own hard-on! Stimulation is one thing, but to actually make a woman cum in her clitoris is to locate the upmost part of it where it is sensitive to touch but will also drive her insane! If you hit this spot, it is like you have found the the key to a woman’s—you will be able to unleash the goddess in her, the reaction not a lot of men can truly summon. So, if you are a clit expert you absolutely deserve all the sexual pleasure offered by a lady!

If you like watching a woman be pleasured in her clitoris then clit porn is the answer all the way. Clit porn is graphic and one of the most popular genre for both men and women, it can make you hornier than you have ever been and can make her love you like nobody else ever did! Click to see the latest and most arousing videos on PORN.COM wherein you are served not only the highest quality of porn but also the hottest ones! Clit porn is a genre that never gets old, if you are a man you should definitely get into this porn to learn how to sincerely pleasure a woman and realize the pleasure that comes (no pun intended) from doing so!

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