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Are you wondering what the hell these beautiful ladies are plugging into their butts? They really seem to get so much pleasure out of it. If you just came from outer space yesterday, those little things you see plugged in these ladies’ butts are called butt plugs, and these butt plugs are taking these lovely asses by storm. Butt plugs are sex toys that are, well, plugged in the asshole. As long as the user knows how to use it, it can be extremely enjoyable. It is very versatile, as it can be used by men, women, gays, lesbians, or whatever gender a person identifies with. People with penises will find them stimulating, while people who have pussies will find them pleasing to the vagina. Whatever your genitalia is, your asshole has several nerve endings, making it an erogenous zone. Butt plugs are truly an amazing toy. It only has one mission: to make you feel good.

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Butt plugs can help you prepare for sex, especially if you like anal sex. How to use it? If you have not had anal sex before and you want to try it with your partner, you may practice first. Be sure to use plenty of lubricants, though, as the anus is not as ready for sex anytime as the pussy. The anus does not have any natural lubricants so it will need a lot of help. Then try objects that are a bit smaller than a dick, like fingers or the butt plug. Another thing to remember is that while the physical structure of a pussy stops right below the waist, the anus runs all the way up to the intestines. This makes the butt plug perfect physically, because it is shaped like a teardrop where one end is larger than the other. Therefore, there is no possibility of it going all the way up to the user’s digestive system.

Choose a silicone butt plug; butt plugs come in many different forms. There are stainless steel, glass, and crystal butt plugs, but one that is made of silicone is easier to clean and would not break while in use. Whatever you choose, butt plugs will definitely spice up a couple’s sex life. This is not to say that butt plugs are just for anal sex. It is also perfect for singles. Women love to use butt plugs as they finger themselves, getting so much pleasure from it as the butt plug stimulates the vaginal wall. Couple that with her playing with her clit, and she orgasms with great satisfaction.

Try a butt plug for a penis-to-vagina sex. It heightens the sexual pleasure, whoever wears it. Go to the next level by both partners wearing butt plugs. Eventually, you might get bored of the basic butt plugs; not to worry though as companies know this would happen and have prepared for it. They have vibrating butt plugs, which will then take you to another level! Butt plug porn films are fun to watch. If you want to see women in butt plugs, go to PORN.COM. Watch women explode with pleasure as they use these wonderful toys. Enjoy!

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