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Jerk off encouragement porn or JOI videos are a unique and creative genre of videos that delve into femdom and humiliation sex. In your typical JOI porn video, you would normally see a solo woman being very verbal and borderline abusive to the viewer. Edging and ruined orgasms are common place here and you never know what kind of crazy instructions these divas will give.

JOI Porn

Get kinky with our jerk off instruction videos. Related areas can include cuckold, femdom, handjob and many others. We’ve gathered an astounding collection of unique and entertaining videos to enjoy for free. Dive into the XXX adult collection you’ve always wanted no matter if you’re using a PC, tablet or Smartphone to do it. This growing library of clips features true dominatrix ladies and performers eager to try something new. Join these aggressive and verbal cuties for a JOI session you won’t soon forget.

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The difference between this two terms is that “BDSM” is a more general term for all types of sexual activity, while JOI is specific to the use of BDSM by a dominant woman. For those who are not familiar with BDSM, the general definition is that an act which are commonly performed in a public setting where the dominant male gives the submissive female orders, and then allows her to do whatever she wishes, including be humiliated, punished, and degraded. In this context, JOI refers to when an act of degradation is used as a form of humiliation for the dominant male in a public setting, where the dominant male, through dominance, gives the submissive female permission to perform degrading acts.

The first step is to create the scene of dominance. To do this, you need to position yourself in such a way that you look dominant, and that you actually feel dominant at that moment. The next step is to decide what type of humiliation you want to perform on your partner. If you’re a dominant woman, you can choose humiliation based on different things. If you’re a dominatrix, you can choose humiliation based on something like being tied up, made to wear a humiliating outfit, or humiliated with your own body, or the humiliation of being publicly seen in this manner. If you’re a mom, you can choose humiliation based on being forced to do something that you don’t want to do, or humiliating your partner with something that they didn’t choose. Whatever it is that you want to humiliate your partner with, and/or what you want them to do to you, should be the focus of your humiliation scene.

Life may never feel the same again once you’ve received expert instruction from these wonderful wankers. When you really love to do what you’re told, this is the video section for you. Come back to witness all the remarkable updates so you’ll never be behind in the world of stimulating JOI sex.

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