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Are you ready for the best pissing content you’ve ever seen? You won’t find a single dick in our collection because it’s all about girls getting literally dirty. Yes, in our channel, we give you lesbian pissing action like never before. So if you’re kinky enough to enjoy the sexual side of piss, then this is the place for you! Check out what we have to offer today!

Lesbian Pee

If you’ve ever been curious about piss, then you’re in the perfect channel to feed your curiosity because watersports or urolagnia is a sexual activity that involves urination. However, we don’t just feature any type of pissing, but we feature only babes that engage in it. We have pure, unadulterated lesbian pissing action. We have girls-on-girls, girls-on-girls-on-girls, and plenty of more girls because we feature couples, FFF threesomes, foursomes, and even orgies. We have so many girls taking a piss in our channel that soon enough, you’ll be swimming in it.

So what’s all this fascination with urine? Why are some people turned on by the idea of either getting pissed on or pissing on another person? Well, the simplest answer would be the taboo aspect. Toilet business has and always been a private business, and by broadcasting it to the world and making it public, it brings a certain adrenaline rush that makes pussies wet with both urine and love juices. Another reason why it’s so appealing is the primal side of things. It’s similar to men ejaculating jizz onto their women, whether it’s a facial or a creampie. Since women aren’t physically capable to spew cum all over their partners, piss becomes a substitute. It shows that they have marked their territories. That the bitch is theirs. In addition to these two, the most common reason would be the humiliation kink that it satisfies. Our pissed on babes are masochist and slave girls that love it when they’re put down, and the act of pissing onto someone definitely puts them down. They’re no longer treated as equals but lower life forms. The best part is that both our dom and sub love it. Now, because pissing has this humiliation aspect, you can also expect that we have sub categories that go great with our main one. Rope play, leashes, gagging, blindfold, handcuffs, BDSM, face sitting, latex, whips, spanking, and other more intense fetishes also make appearances in our collection. Of course, if you want something more vanilla, we have masturbation with plenty of sex toys like dildos, massagers, vibrators, and strap-ons too.

You may be thinking that pissing is messy, and you’d be right. Hence, a lot of our videos happen in locations that can accommodate such excess spills. You’ll find videos that occur outside like parks, woods, streets, and pools wherein they don’t really need to clean up after they’ve engaged in watersports. We also have scenes that occur in bathrooms, kitchens, and rooms that have tarp covered floors for a hassle free clean up.

Now, let’s talk about babes. Any type of babe can engage in urolagnia, so we don’t have a specific race that we feature. It’s as diverse as it can get. We’ve got white, black, Latina, Asian, blonde, brunette, redhead, black hair, teen, MILF, and cougar. They also have different body shapes and sizes. We have big tits, small tits, slim, chubby, curvy, BBW, tattooed, big ass, and more. So if you’re ready to get wet and wild, then let PORN.COM’s lesbian pissing collection be your new go to channel!

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