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It’s often mistaken that women are very conservative when it comes to sex. Sure, they need to appear to be conservative in the eyes of the public. But deep down inside, they’re like rabid animals, as they jump on any and every opportunity to have sex that comes across them. But there are also those who choose to accept their sexuality and even express it in public, but with limitations, of course. Women talk about sex with their friends just as much as men do, sometimes even more. They love getting into the tiniest details of their sex lives, from the size of their partner’s penis, if they’re shaved or not down there, and even how their cum tastes like. Sure enough, they will compare those details with their friends’ partners, and even compete as to who currently has the best fuck buddy of the group. And because of this, women who are usually reserved when trying out new sex acts are forced to turn their game up, as they might lose in the race of who has the best sex life among their friends.

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One of the weirdest but most intriguing sex act that a lot of women compare with their girlfriends is the act of swallowing their man’s cum. Women always get asked if they spit or swallow, and in recent years, more and more women are doing the latter, as those so-called unnatural sex acts of the past are now considered normal. The thing is that most men actually prefer to have their partners swallow, as it is considered proof that they love their partners if they consume their man’s sperm.

A lot of women do it for love, that’s why they don’t swallow when they’re just having sex with random strangers. But when they’re not having casual sex, they would be more than willing to gulp it all down. But yes, there are actually women who would do it in a heartbeat, regardless if they’re doing it with their partner, or with a casual encounter. Some of these women would even be open to getting facialed by multiple men at the same time. This sex act is called bukkake, and it was popularized by Japanese porn. Basically, a woman sits in the middle of the room while a group of men, usually three or more, gather around her in a circle, masturbating simultaneously and aiming for her face just before they reach orgasm. It seems vile and barbaric to a lot of people, but that isn’t the case when it comes to women who are just crazy for drinking semen.

No matter what type of facial or swallowing you prefer, it’s nice to see women do it on camera. That’s why PORN.COM has made it a point to gather all the best swallowing porn videos and mash them up into one single clip for cum swallowing fans to enjoy. This type of genre is called swallow compilation, and you better believe that these videos contain only the hottest girls who are wild enough to swallow every single drop of sperm that lands in their mouths.

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