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In the simplest terms, raunchy means sexually explicit or vulgar. In short words, raunchy porn is for those who are uncontrollably horny that any sort of perversion would get them going! Worry not, this kind of porn is completely legal in its sense. It just practically means it is more graphic in nature, the camera angles of this kind of porn will focus of the private parts. Perhaps zooming in and out when the cock is penetrating a pussy, or a man doing some tongue action on a woman’s nipples. Raunchy sex is rough and dirty. Yes, this one is definitely not for pussies! It is for you horny men out there who want to get it out of their systems tonight! Raunchy sex involves a lot of 69 positions, or anal sex, or any disgustingly hot positions you can think of. This is the kind of porn you watch at like 3 in the morning where the whole world is asleep and it is demon’s hour. You feel yourself reaching for that hard on in between your legs deep down the sheets of your bed—growing cock twice its size, and in dire need of fap material that will get question your morals. This is not a prep for you to jerk off, this is the porn you watch when you are out of control and would hump the next perky thing you see.

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Raunchy sex, is popular, regardless. Do not worry if you think you are so desperate in cumming that you look specifically for this category. You are not alone, you will be surprised at how many viewership raunchy porn gets every now and then. It is because a lot of porn falls under this category—anything explicitly sexual may be raunchy porn. Anything that makes you question your porn preference is raunchy. In conclusion, every extreme hardcore porn out there is raunchy porn. So do not feel like you are weird—it is okay to succumb to your cock tonight and listen to what it is saying. Does it say dirty porn? Raunchy porn is lewd and dirty. It is filthy in a sense that when you are normally sexually charged, you would find this kind of porn extreme. It is not necessarily the choice of position or the extreme graphic but the act of it—these may be suggestive acts that do not really constitute sex or penetration. Dry humping of a man in an ordinary setting, helping a hot chick cum by fingering her in her own jeans, excessive moaning, or licking the woman’s nipples through her see-through top. These are raunchy porn ideas that are automatically hot even though they are lewd and vulgar.

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